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Integrating HubSpot into Kuroco

When integrated with HubSpot, Kuroco can synchronize with HubSpot data via batch processing.


The method of API retrieval may differ from this tutorial due to changes in HubSpot specifications. Please visit the HubSpot website for the latest information.

HubSpot settings

First, set up a HubSpot account. For this tutorial, we will register for a free account.

Account registration

On the HubSpot landing page, click [Start free or get a demo].

Image from Gyazo On the next page, click [Get started free].

Image from Gyazo Fill in the registration form.

Image from Gyazo Once you have registered, you will receive a notification in your inbox. Click [Confirm email address] to create your account.

Create a private API

Next, create a private API for Kuroco integration.

Log in to HubSpot and click the settings icon in the top navigation bar.

Image from Gyazo In the left sidebar menu, select [Integrations] -> [Private Apps].

Image from Gyazo Click [Create a private app].

Image from Gyazo Enter your app information in the "Basic info" tab.

Image from Gyazo Select at least 1 scope in the "Scopes" tab. In the [Find a scope] searchbar, type crm.objects.contacts and select "Read". When you are done, click "Create app".

Image from Gyazo Click [Continue creating] in the pop-up dialog.

Image from Gyazo Your new private app has been created. Click [Show token] and then copy it for later use.

Image from Gyazo

Kuroco settings

Next, we will configure the Kuroco admin panel.

HubSpot integration

In Kuroco, select [External system integration] -> [HubSpot] in the left sidebar menu.

Image from Gyazo Enter the token you copied earlier in the "Access token" field and click [Update].

Image from Gyazo

HubSpot integration is now complete.

Image from Gyazo


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.