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Can I output a preview page with Kurocofront?

Yes, it is possible.By creating a pull request on GitHub that is linked, and commenting /kuroco stage, a deploy for preview will be executed.
The necessary settings (YAML file description) are included in the sample code displayed on the Kuroco management screen, so you can use it immediately without any special handling.

Please use it for functions that cannot be confirmed without deployment, verification, reporting to clients, internal reviews, etc.

Steps to execute a preview deploy

Create a PR

Create a PR on GitHub with the changes included.

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Add a comment to the PR

Enter /kuroco stage in the comment field at the bottom of the Pull Request page and click [Comment].
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After confirming that the comment has been made, click the [Actions] tab. You will see that Github Actions has started the preview deploy in response to the /kuroco stage comment.
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Access the issued URL

Go back to the Pull Request page and refresh the page after a while. You will see that a link for the preview deploy has been issued.
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Access the link to confirm that the contents of the Pull Request have been deployed.
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If you encounter a CORS error when operating from the temporary URL issued by the preview deploy, please specify to allow access from the temporary URL using a wildcard.
The temporary URL is issued in the format of,
so by specifying https://*, you can avoid CORS errors.
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If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.