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How do I prevent my webpage from appearing in Google and other search engines?

You can prevent your webpage from appearing in Google or other search engines in one of two ways:

  • Put robots.txt in your front-end directory
  • Include a noindex meta tag

robots.txt placement

Move robots.txt to your front-end root directory.
If you are using Nuxt.js, it should be in /static.

noindex meta tag

Alternatively, insert the meta tag <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> in the code for your page. If you are using Nuxt.js, paste in the following:

export default {
head () {
return {
meta: [
{ hid: 'robots', name: 'robots', content: 'noindex' }

Note: When using the noindex tag, make sure your robots.txt file is not blocking your page or resource from engine bots/crawlers.

More information

For further details, see:


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