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E-mails sent from Kuroco are going to spam. What should I do?

There are multiple possible causes for e-mail sent from Kuroco ending up in the spam folder.

Cause 1: You have not set up SPF/DKIM records

The main reason why e-mails from Kuroco are marked as spam is because the relevant SPF/DKIM records have not been set up.
Kuroco uses an e-mail delivery service called SendGrid, which needs to be separately. By default, you can use Kuroco's pre-configured SendGrid setup, but note that the sender's e-mail address will be fixed in this case.

If your e-mail are still going to spam after you have set up SPF/DKIM records, other factors may be causing this. In such cases:

  • Double check the recipient's e-mail address.
  • Review the text of the e-mail body.

Take note of the following: Is your e-mail sent to the correct recipient? Was the address obtained through an official source? Does the e-mail content contain any spam trigger words? You can also use Bounces (provided by SendGrid) to verify your recipient addresses.

Further possible causes

If the problem persists even after you have eliminated both causes above, it may be due to settings on the recipient or the sender side. Please note that we cannot modify such settings; therefore, please take appropriate action on your own.

Examples of spam triggers in the recipient's settings

Messages from Kuroco may fall into one of the following categories. Make sure that your inbox settings allow the receipt of:

  • E-mails sent from PCs
  • E-mail containing hyperlinks
  • HTML e-mails


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.