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Please Inform About the Usage Fees for APIs Called with Custom Processing

When sending a request to the API, usage fees for API request or Cached API request will occur, whether the API is used internally from custom processing or not.
However, fees will not be added if the API request is executed internally without going through the network (https).

The main Smarty plugins and whether they incur costs are as follows.

Cost of API Requests via Smarty Plugins

Smarty PluginRequest MethodCost of API Request
{api}Via networkDoes not occur for requests to external APIs
If you send a request to Kuroco's API, it will be counted towards the request count for the targeted endpoint.
{api_internal}Via networkOccurs
{api_internal}(specify direct=true)Internal requestDoes not occur
{api_method}Internal requestDoes not occur
{api_mng}Internal requestDoes not occur

Internal API requests operate quickly, but executing them repeatedly in succession can prolong the API's execution time. Please be aware that these execution times can affect computing fees.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.