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When is the invoice issuance date?

The invoice issuance date for Kuroco usage fee is within 3 business days of the following month of the usage month.

Invoice Issuance Date

The billing cycle closes at the end of each month and payment is due at the end of the following month. However, because we confirm usage status in the month after the billing cycle, we issue invoices within three business days of the following month.

(Example: For January 2023 usage fee, the invoice will be issued by February 3, 2023. The closing date is at the end of January, and the payment is at the end of February.)

We generally request credit card payments for Kuroco usage fees, but if you wish to pay by invoice, please contact us through the Kuroco support site.
※ Invoice payment is only available for Japanese companies.

Invoice Issuance Method

We ask that you use the BtoB platform for invoice issuance.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.