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Where is the best place to store static files (images, JS, CSS, etc.) used on the site?

When using Kuroco as a content management system for your site, there are two locations for storing static files:

  • Storing them in the source files (e.g. the static directory in Nuxt.js)
  • Storing them in KurocoFiles

We will explain the recommended usage for each option.

  • For files (images, CSS, JS, etc.) used in the site design
  • For files that will be frequently updated
  • For files with large file sizes (e.g. images over 30MB)

Pros of using KurocoFiles

By storing large files in KurocoFiles, the overall file size of the source files can be reduced. When the source file size is smaller, the Build & Deploy time using GitHub Actions is shortened.

Cons of using KurocoFiles

One disadvantage is that KurocoFiles does not have version control. Therefore, if you upload CSS or JS files to KurocoFiles, those files cannot be version-controlled.


Refer to the following documentation for KurocoFront and KurocoFiles:
-File manager


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.