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Can the URL of the site I am currently using be used in Kuroco?

In regards to the URL, it depends on the implementation on the frontend. Therefore, please check with your frontend developer to see if the current URL can be used in Kuroco.
The items that can then be handled by Kuroco are listed below.

About custom domains

With KurocoFront, you can set up a custom domain.


Please refer to Using your own custom domain name on KurocoFront for instructions on how to use a custom domain.

About content URLs

By setting a "slug" when posting content, the slug can be used as the URL path for the content.


About redirects

KurocoFront also allows for setting up redirects.


Please refer to What is kuroco_front.json? -> redirects: Redirect settings for information on KurocoFront redirects.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.