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What options are available for verifying member passwords?

Since Kuroco passwords are encrypted for security purposes, it is not possible to verify them on the member editor screen or through the batch downloaded data.

However, members can verify them using the confirmation e-mail received upon registration. Follow the steps below to display the password in the confirmation e-mail.

Displaying the password in the confirmation e-mail

Before you start

  • Register the member via CSV batch processing
  • Verify that the member has a valid e-mail address on file


1. Access the member list screen

In the left sidebar menu, click [Member] -> [Member].

Image from Gyazo

2. Navigate to the upload screen

Click the [Members] link above the page title and select [Upload] in the dropdown menu.

Image from Gyazo

3. Upload your CSV file

In "File settings" on the upload screen, select your member list CSV file with the password field left blank. Select the following settings for "No value behavior":

  • Ignore / Update with no value: Select [Update with no value]
  • Password settings: Check the [Randomly generated] box

Image (fetched from Gyazo) When you are done, click [Send].

Image (fetched from Gyazo) The above steps batch registers all the members in the CSV file, and an e-mail containing the password will be sent to each member.

For more information on member batch registration, see the following user guide.:

Other password recovery methods

If you cannot upload CSV files, please try one of the following methods instead.

Contact the administrator

Members that do not have an e-mail address on file will need to contact the site admin and make a password change request. Please note that the admin can only reset passwords; they cannot verify them.

For more information on password updates, see User guide: Member editor.

Change passwords upon initial login

After a user has registered, they can change their password when logging in for the first time. To enable this function, go to [Environment] -> [Site settings] in the sidebar.

Image (fetched from Gyazo) Under the "Member" section, check the box next to [Change password when logging in for the first time].

Image (fetched from Gyazo) Click [Update] at the bottom of the screen to save this change.

Image (fetched from Gyazo) Note: When this option is selected, members are required to change their passwords upon initial login after registration.

Use the password reminder function

If the member has an e-mail address on file, you can set up password reminders for them to recover or reset their password.

See: How to configure password reminder & reset for a detailed tutorial.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.