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Can I set initial values or placeholders for form items?

You can configure settings in form field settings.
If you set an arbitrary string to Placeholder, the input content will be included in the response, so please adjust the display location on the front end.


Click on "Settings" under "Field settings" in Form.
Image from Gyazo

Enter a placeholder string in the "Placeholder" field of the configuration screen that appears.
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Please refer to the tutorial below on how to check the API response.
- How to check the data structure using Swagger UI

Example of front-end description

The customer is free to describe the display area on the front end.
For example, in the case of Nuxt.js, you can change the tutorial description of the Setting up inquiry forms with Kuroco and Nuxt.js to show initial values and placeholders as follows.

  • Before change
<input :name="col.objKey" type="text" />
  • After change (initial value)
<input :name="col.objKey" :value="col.attribute.placeholder" type="text" />
  • After change (placeholder)
<input :name="col.objKey" :placeholder="col.attribute.placeholder" type="text" />


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.