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What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded when posting content?

The following are the maximum file size that can be uploaded when posting content.

ExtensionMaximum File SizeRemarks
WYSIWYG (Insert, image)80MB
Image (uploaded to KurocoFiles)About 80MB
File (uploaded to KurocoFiles)About 80MB
File (from file manager)Depends on the storage location.
  • KurocoFiles: About 80MB
  • GCS: 5GB
  • S3: 5GB
File (uploaded to GCS)5GB*Requires Firebase integration.
File (uploaded to S3)5GB*Requires Amazon S3 integration.
Video (Vimeo)5GB*Requires Firebase integration.

For information on how to integrate with external systems, refer to the following tutorials.
Cloud storage integration with Firebase
Integrating and storing files with Amazon S3
Vimeo integration and video uploads

Notes on File Uploads

If processing time exceeds 30 seconds, the process may be automatically canceled. In that case, try to reduce the amount of data and perform multiple uploads.

Batch File Uploads

You can upload files using batch processing. If you need to upload multiple files simultaneously and the size becomes large, please use batch processing.


For information on how to use batch processing, see How to use batch process in Kuroco.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.