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Can I access the operational logs of the admin panel?

You can access the logs from the [Operation] -> [Log management] screen.

Image from Gyazo Click [Log management] above the page title, and select [Admin panel logs] in the dropdown menu.

Image from Gyazo

Overview of log screen

fetched from Gyazo

  • You can verify the timestamp for each entry.
  • Scrolling horizontally through the table allows you to view the login user information.
  • You can also view any messages displayed at the time of update.
  • For security reasons, the update details are not recorded in the logs.
  • For most cases where message3 (HTTP method) is POST, the update was performed as an operation.
  • You can use the "Advanced search" to filter the entries by condition.

fetched from Gyazo (See: User guide - Admin panel logs for details.)


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