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Can I request additions or modifications to the specifications or functions?

Kuroco is open to requests for additional functions and improvements. We offer the following three options for implementation.
Although we cannot promise covering all requests, don't hesitate to reach out at Support about the functions & specifications you want to see added.

1. Make a priority implementation request (paid)

  • We accept implementation requests such as functions development.
  • All copyrights and similar will be reserved solely for us.
  • The implemented functions will be provided to other Kuroco users as well.
  • Please note that the specifications may differ from your request, as we may adjust them for greater versatility.

2. Development as a microservice (paid)

  • We will provide an estimate for the implementation of functions as premium support.
  • You can implement your company's original functions using Kuroco's API functions.
  • Kuroco itself will not be modified but its powerful customization functions allow personalization.
  • The copyright and source code for the customized part will also be delivered.

3. Wait for development (free of charge)

  • By transferring your requests to our system department, you can expect to see this additional feature in the future.
  • We cannot promise a deadline for implementation, nor can we promise that it will be implemented.
  • Implemented specifications and priorities will be adjusted at our convenience.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.