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Can you audit my security checklist? (for clients based in Japan)

We can audit a security implementation checklist based on the IPA/ISEC: Measures for Information Security Vulnerabilities guidelines.

For more information, see:

There is a standard fee of 55,000 JPY (tax included) for each original checklist audit request. Please contact our Support Team to verify your list volume.

In some cases, we may be able to waive the fee if your audited contents remain the same as in the previous year.

A note on requests

Please note that the format, appearance, and criteria of the security checklist varies for each company. Therefore, the checklist items have to be verified individually by a qualified engineer. We ask for your cooperation on the following points:

  • Please clearly indicate which entries you want us to audit.
    If the sheet you send us does not match the situation or category described in your request (e.g., a sheet that is not meant for cloud-based systems), we will not be able to proceed with the audit. Therefore, please double check the contents of the sheet before sending it to us.
  • For the checklist format, open-ended items will incur a higher fee than selection-based items. We recommend that you prepare your checklist with this consideration in mind.

Other considerations

  • Depending on your request volume, we may not be able to respond immediately. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us well in advance to ensure ample time for us to complete the audit.
  • Please note that we may be unable to audit certain items for security or other reasons.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.