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What should I do if the API is not working?

First, please check what kind of response you are getting for your request to the API.
Few examples of responses are shown below.

JSON ResponseDescription
{"errors":["[GW] Malformed API URL"]}The URI of the API endpoint is wrong. Please check that the URI is correct.
{"errors":["[GW] API using this method and path does not exist"]}Method (POST/GET, etc.) is wrong. Please check if Method is correct.
{"errors":[{"code":"not_found","message":""}],"x-rcms-request-id":"****"}The ID is different or there is no data.
{"errors":["[GW] Access Token is required"]}It seems that the token is not included in the request for APIs that require a token.
{"errors":[{"code":"unprocessable_entity","message":"*****"}],"x-rcms-request-id":"*****"}It seems that an error has occurred during some process. Please check the error message.。
RedirectedThe URI of the API endpoint is wrong. Please check if the URI is correct.

Please refer to the following page for API error responses.

If you don't know what the error is, please get the HAR file and contact support.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.