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I cannot connect to the Kuroco API from my iPhone or Safari browser. What should I do?

When using cookie-based authentication, if your API domain and the front-end domain names are different, you will encounter issues with third-party cookies, causing API integration errors in browsers such as Safari. As a result, your API may not work in Safari, or you may be unable to log in from your browser.

To resolve such problems, set the same domain but different subdomains for your front-end and your API. Enter your API domain on the Custom domain/TLS certificate and then modify the account settings.

(As this issue does not occur in Google Chrome, we recommend using Chrome as your browser during the development and testing stages of your build.)

Example: Failed API integration

  • Front-end domain:
  • API domain:

Example: Successful API integration

  • Front-end domain:
  • API domain:

*Note: You do not need to change your subdomains if you are not using cookie-based authentication.


See Tutorial: Using your own API domain with KurocoFront for more on how to set up your API domain.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.