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Can the visibility of other fields be changed based on the values entered in a form?

You can enter JavaScript in the detailed settings of the content definition to write the process accordingly.

Settings Location

JavaScript section in the advanced settings of content structure editor.

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Code example

For example, the following code is JavaScript that controls the display of the text fields ext_2 and ext_3 based on whether the multi-select checkbox set to ext_1 is checked.

window.addEventListener('load', function() {
// Function to control the visibility of input elements based on the state of the checkbox
function toggleInputVisibility() {
// Get the checkbox with id="ext_1__1"
var checkbox1 = document.getElementById('ext_1__1');
// Get the element with input[name="ext_2"]
var inputText2 = document.querySelector('input[name="ext_2"]');
if (inputText2) {
// Check if the checkbox with id="ext_1__1" is checked = checkbox1.checked ? '' : 'none'; // Display if checked, otherwise hide

// Get the checkbox with id="ext_1__2"
var checkbox2 = document.getElementById('ext_1__2');
// Get the element with input[name="ext_3"]
var inputText3 = document.querySelector('input[name="ext_3"]');
if (inputText3) {
// Check if the checkbox with id="ext_1__2" is checked = checkbox2.checked ? '' : 'none'; // Display if checked, otherwise hide

// Execute once on page load to set the initial state

// Set up an event listener to respond to changes in the checkbox state
document.body.addEventListener('change', function(event) {
// Check if the changed element is the checkbox with id="ext_1__1" or id="ext_1__2"
if ( === 'ext_1__1' || === 'ext_1__2') {

The input elements on the content editing screen are dynamically generated by JavaScript. Please consider this and control the timing of JavaScript execution accordingly.

Operation Example

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