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Can custom function output logs for debugging purposes?

You can check the contents of the variable by adding the following description to the place of concern in the custom function.

Use logger plugin

You can check this log on custom log list.
Use the logger plugin to check the result of execution.


{logger msg1=$json msg2=$output msg3=$smarty.request msg4=$example}

How to check custom logs list

Click [Operation] -> [Log management] on the side menu.
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Click [custom logs] from the dropdown menu above the page title. Image from Gyazo

Custom logs list is displayed.
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Use @debug_print_var

If the data is large, the logger plugin may not be able to store the logs. If you are dealing with large data or want to check the contents of the data on the spot during implementation, please use @debug_print_var. The output result of @debug_print_var will not be stored in the log.



How to check logs in each function

By clicking [Test] button on the Custom function editor screen, it is displayed on the [Output] field.
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