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Can I freely modify the order of the content list?

You can modify the content list order in the Configure Endpoint dialog.

In the API module, scroll down to the target endpoint and click [Update].

fetched from Gyazo fetched from Gyazo

Setting the sort order

  1. Set the "Model" section of the dialog as follows:
  • Category: Content
  • Model: Topics
  • Operation: list

fetched from Gyazo 2. Under "Parameters", fill in the "order_query" field. The allowed values are listed below.

Image from Gyazo

Possible values and sort orders


  • topics_id (content ID)
  • order_no (sort number)
  • ymd (post date)
  • post_time (post time)
  • contents_type (category)
  • subject (title)
  • regular_flg (display on top)
  • inst_ymdhi (date and time of creation)
  • update_ymdhi (date and time of last update)
  • topics_group_id (content group ID)
  • favorite_cnt (number of times favorited)
  • comment_cnt (number of times comment)
  • ext_col_nn (additional field; *nn indicates the field number)


  • The "Hide date" function in the Content structure editor allows you to switch between using ymd (when disabled) and order_no (when enabled). Also, post_time is only available when "Also include time (hh:mm)" is enabled.
  • favorite_cnt is only available when "get_favorite_cnt" is enabled in the API parameter settings.
  • comment_cnt is only available when "get_comment_cnt" is enabled in the API parameter settings.

Example description

To display contents in ascending order by content ID, enter topics_id:asc in "order_query".

Image from Gyazo Sort orders

  • asc (low to high)
  • desc (high to low)

Fields that use repetition may not be sorted properly.


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