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Can I set the same Slug for multiple contents?

Validation of Contents

You cannot set the same Slug within the same site.
Since it is checked across content structure, the Slug should be unique within the site.

Validation of Additional fields

The Identifier set for Additional fields in the content cannot be the same within the same content structure.
Please note that the same Identifier cannot be used for parent and child field as well.

Reusing Slugs

If you want to use a Slug that in already in use for an existing content, you have to delete or change the Slug set for the existing content first.
After that, you can set the Slug for the new content.


  1. Delete the content with the existing Slug (Topic ID: 100, Slug: "kuroco") or change the Slug.
  2. Set the Slug: "kuroco" for the new content (Topic ID: 101).


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