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I added a parameter to the image URL, but the image is still not cleared from the cache. What should I do?

KurocoFiles dynamically converts images by adding a specific query string to the image file (for more details on dynamic image conversion, see Reference: Dynamic conversion of images). Therefore, simply adding a cache-clearing parameter to the end of the URL will not clear it from the cache.

To clear a cached image, use cache-control based on the 10-digit parameter (v=XXXXXXXXXX) shown in the top level of the image URL.

Example of cache-control in an image URL:

Please use the above format for API responses. This parameter is automatically added to the top-level folder URI when an API responds to a KurocoFile path.


See: FAQ - When are cached KurocoFiles cleared? for more information on cache clearing.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.