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What should I take note of when building a multi-language site?

While Kuroco enables you to build a multi-language website with ease, please note the following points.

Points to note

1. About the multi-language function

The concept of primary and secondary languages is fundamental to Kuroco. The system is designed to add multi-language content in one or more secondary languages to a site created in the primary language.

Sample language configuration:

  • Primary language: Japanese
  • Secondary languages: English, Spanish, French

If this does not fulfill the specified requirements, you may need to manage multiple admin panels.
Please note that you cannot change the primary language once you have set the secondary language(s).

2. The folder and domain structure of multi-language sites

Multi-language sites typically have a first-level folder containing an abbreviated language folder or a subdomain that sets languages and other strings.
You can manage the content with parameters such as _lang when calling the API.

Sample folder names:

  • Primary language: /example/
  • Secondary language (English): /en/example/

3. SEO measures

SEO is important to multi-language websites, so be sure to include hreflang in your headers.
For more information on multi-language SEO, see Google Search documentation: Managing multi-regional and multilingual sites.

Since Kuroco allows you to display a piece of content in multiple (i.e., primary and secondary) languages, you can use hreflang attributes, as well as the canonical and alternate attributes.

Alternatively, you can annotate multi-language URLs using an XML sitemap.

4. Translation accuracy

A poorly translated page may confuse not only your audience but also search engines. Therefore, the quality of your translations is key. If you encounter difficulties in translation, you may wish to enlist the help of tools such as Google Translate.
When using such tools, remember to explicitly state the subject and object of your sentence, and keep your text clear and concise.

Sample to be translated:

  • Poor: Will look at it later.
  • Better: I will look at your document later.

5. Page display speed

You can make good use of Kuroco's standard CDN setup to boost your page display speed.
In China, you also need to consider the Great Firewall, the north-south traffic problem, and avoiding blocked domains such as Google.

6. Region-specific laws

Please also ensure that you comply with any laws specific to the region in which you are setting up your website, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU.


If you have any other questions, please contact us or check out Our Slack Community.